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Fees & Services

For medium to large projects with a definite predetermined scope of work we can offer lump sum bids based on a range of $20.00/s.f. to $30.00/s.f. This fee will include planning, design, drafting, coordination with a structural engineer and submittal of contract documents for permit approval. Permit expediting, contractor selection and construction support will be provided on a time and material basis.

For projects that an initial scope of work is difficult to determine, the Architect will provide desired services on a time and material basis. The following are rates for these various services:

Principal Architect

Designing, planning, programming, drawing, coordination, detailing & specifications.


Permit expediting, tenant & neighborhood mediation.



CAD Draftsman/ Assistant

Computer drafting, as-built drawings, field measurements, photography.


Graphic Reproduction On a Reimbursable Basis - (Printing, Plotting, Copying and Photography)

Plots on 24”x36” bond


Plots on 24”x36” vellum

Copies on 8 ½”x11” bond

Color Copies/photos on 8 ½”x11” photo paper

Special color or bulk printing will be billed on a job basis.

Mailing, Fed Express, UPS, Messenger Service, etc.

(all of the above will be billed on a bi-monthly direct reimbursable basis)[/three_fourth]




We do not offer the following services, however, we have established relationships with a number of quality firms who provide services in the following disciplines:

  • Structural Engineering
  • Energy Code Compliance
  • Green Building Compliance
  • Landscape Design

Please call for more information regarding referrals. (650) 359-8253 or (650) 452-3563